Laptop KeyBoard Replacement in Delhi

We Offer Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Delhi By Fix Station

Laptops are one of the most important tools we use every day. No matter what job you have, a laptop is essential for getting your work done. Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes our laptops get damaged. If you’re in Delhi and need a laptop keyboard replacement, Fix Station is here to help. We offer fast and affordable laptop keyboard replacements in Delhi, and we can repair any type of laptop keyboard. So don’t hesitate to call us today if you need a keyboard replacement for your laptop.

What is a laptop keyboard?

Laptop keyboards are important because they allow you to type on your computer with the accuracy that you need. Many laptop models come with a keyboard that is built into the laptop itself, while others may have a separate keyboard that you can use.

If your laptop keyboard is not working or if it is broken, you may need to replace it. You can do this by visiting a Fix Station in Delhi. Here, our experienced technicians will help you get your laptop keyboard working properly again.

How does a laptop keyboard work?

A laptop keyboard is a device that helps you type on your computer. It has the keys you need to type letters and numbers, and it’s attached to the computer by a cable.

When you press a key on the keyboard, the computer sends a signal to the key that tells it to work. The same signal also travels down the cable to the laptop’s mainboard, which tells the laptop’s processor what letter or number you’ve pressed. The processor then sends a signal back up the cable to the keyboard, telling the keyboard where on the screen that letter or number should appear.

If your laptop has mechanical keys (like an old typewriter), each key requires its own little motor. When you press a key, these motors move up and down, pressing and releasing springs that strike metal rods in turn, creating electric impulses that are sent to your computer as text or commands.

What are the types of laptop keyboards?

There are basically 3 types of laptop keyboards – the traditional laptop keyboard, the numeric keypad, and the third-party slider/dock keyboard. The traditional laptop keyboard is flat and has a row of keys running horizontally across the top. The numeric keypad is a rectangular container filled with numerals and symbols, and it’s common to find on gaming laptops and other laptops that need more numeric input than a traditional keyboard can offer. Finally, the third-party slider/dock keyboard attaches to your laptop using an included cable, and it lets you use your regular keyboard layout while you’re docked.

What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning laptop keyboard?

There are a few symptoms that may indicate that your laptop keyboard is malfunctioning. A common sign of a malfunctioning keyboard is when keys do not respond as they should. Additionally, if the spacebar does not work or frequently “sticks” when you press it, your keyboard may be at fault. If the layout of the keys on your keyboard changes, this could also be an indication that something is wrong with it.

How can I fix a malfunctioning laptop keyboard?

If you are facing difficulties in using your laptop keyboard, then you might need to replace it. Laptop keyboards can malfunction for a number of reasons, such as dirt or dust buildup, incorrect key placement, or broken keys. If you are experiencing these difficulties and your laptop is less than two years old, then Fix Station can help you replace your keyboard. Fix Station offers laptop keyboard replacement services in Delhi at competitive rates. You can book an appointment online today and our team will come to your place to carry out the repair.


If your laptop keyboard is not working properly, you need to fix it as soon as possible. We offer laptop keyboard replacement in Delhi by Fix Station, so don’t wait any longer! We can help you get your laptop back up and running in no time.

What is a laptop keyboard?

A laptop keyboard is the most important part of your laptop and should be treated as such. If it begins to not function properly, you may experience difficulty typing, navigating through menus, or even random errors that can prevent you from using your computer.

Laptop keyboards can become damaged for a variety of reasons, including accidental spills or drops, use with excessive force, collisions with other objects, and even heavy use over time. If you notice that your laptop keyboard is not functioning properly or if it becomes visibly damaged, don’t hesitate to bring it in for repair at Fix Station. We offer replacement laptop keyboards in Delhi and can help restore functionality to your device hassle-free.

Types of laptops

Different types of laptops require different types of keyboards. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types:
This guide is for replacing the laptop keyboard only. If your laptop has a trackpad, it needs to be replaced separately.

MacBook Pro (Late 2016) – The Apple MacBook Pro (Late 2016) comes with a butterfly mechanism keyboard that uses a sensor to detect when you press down on the key and raises the upper case to complete the press. This type of keyboard requires certain tools that are not typically found in a desktop repairs station, such as a disassembly tool or precision saw. For these reasons, we generally do not offer keyboard replacements on MacBook Pro (Late 2016) models.
If you experience issues with your keyboard, our team can help diagnose and fix your issue using simple repairs or replacements. However, because this type of keyboard is not commonly serviced by Fix Station, we may be unable to provide you with a warranty on the repair or replacement.

Dell XPS 13 – The Dell XPS 13 comes with an island-style keyboard that is similar to many desktop keyboards. This type of keyboard uses modular switches that can be replaced individually if they become defective. Our technicians have found that these switches are more reliable than some other types of keyboards and therefore we often replace them when they are needed. We do not offer keyboard replacements on Dell XPS 13 models due to their unique design and reliability concerns. 
If you experience issues with

How to replace a laptop keyboard

If your laptop keyboard has stopped working, you can replace it yourself. Here’s how:
1. Remove the battery and the integrated graphics card (if applicable).
2. Locate the screws that hold down the keyboard cover. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them.
3. Gently pry up on the edge of the keyboard cover and lift it off of the laptop.
4. Pry off any adhesive residue from beneath the keyboard using a blunt object such as a plastic spatula or credit card.
5. Remove the old keyboard assembly by gently popping it out from its socket with fingers or a small tool such as an Allen key wrench。
6 。 Clean any debris or dust from inside the keyboard socket before replacing it with the new one。
7。 Reinstall screws and adhesive residues in reverse order, making sure that they are tight enough but not too tight。
8。 Replace the battery and graphics card if applicable。

What to do if your laptop keyboard doesn’t work

If your laptop keyboard doesn’t work, there are a few things you can do.

The first option is to check if the keyboard is physically broken. If it is, you can either get a replacement from your laptop manufacturer or repair it yourself.

If the keyboard isn’t physically broken, the next step is to see if there is something wrong with the keyboard’s connection. This could be due to a dirty connector, corrosion on the pins, or a bad cable. In this case, you’ll need to replace the keyboard or have it repaired by a technician.

How to clean your laptop keyboard

Cleaning your laptop keyboard can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and routine, it can be done quickly and easily. Before beginning, make sure to shut down your computer and remove any external devices you may have attached. Next, take a cloth or tissue and dampen it slightly. Wipe the surface of the keyboard clean with a cloth or tissue. Be sure to use circular motions to avoid dusting the keys themselves. Once the surface is clean, dry it off completely before attaching your replacement laptop keyboard.